Support Call

24/7 Support

Images & Videos Changes / Updates
Changes in replacements of Background & Text colors
Link Changes & Updates
Content Changes & Updates
Menu Links Changes & Updates
Webpage Changes / Updates
Creation & Customization of Dynamic Forms
Header / Footer Info Changes / Updates
Blog Changes / Updates
Payment Integration Changes
Online Products Changes / Updates
Ecommerce System Support
Domain Changes or Transfers
Hosting to Hosting
CMS to CMS (Eg. Joomla to WordPress)
CMS to Website Builder (Eg. WordPress to Wix)
Website Builder to CMS
PRO Website Migration (Domain Name/Hosting Transfer, Content Retention, Internal Optimization, SEO & SMO)
Any CMS Updates
Website Analytics Report
SSL Installation
Tech Support
Any Social Account Setup
Theme Change
Any Graphics Design
$10 - $100/Hr
$5 - $50/Hr
$5 - $75/Hr
Acc. To Packages
Acc. To Packages
Acc. To Packages

Please be aware that we reserve the right to modify at any time, and without notice by posting the new Support Charges. Please note All the services mentioned in the packages will be offered to the new Clients with new projects. Other Ongoing Projects like Website Changes/Updates, Social Media Marketings and any others will have been entertained by Support Charges.